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The first thing people notice about us is our gravel parking lot (it's hard to miss) but once you get past the puddles and dust, it's actually quite charming.   You see, the Pirate O's building is over 100 years old and is a historical landmark for Draper City.  It was originally built as the theater for Fort Douglas at the University of Utah in Salt Lake.   In the 1940's, Mr. Ballard cut 9 feet off of the bottom of it, cut the building in half, and moved it by truck to its current location at 11901 S. 700 E. Draper,  where it became Ballard Feed and Egg.   

As Draper began to grow, the Ballards moved on to different things and the building sat idle being used as nothing more than a truck stop for some local distributors.  When the opportunity arose, Orian "O" Collinworth bought the building in the 1990's.  

Having a history in food distribution and a love for great food, O and his wife Debbie founded Pirate O's in 1997.  The mission in mind was bringing great food to the Salt Lake Valley.



Today Pirate O's is twice the size it was in 1997, and in 2008 they opened the Pirate O's Deli providing locals with a unique and delicious lunch spot, and in 2013, a coffee shop joined the deli.

Following their mission, Pirate O's carries a wide variety of foods from all over the world, but also a lot of Utah's Own home grown products as well, and is a proud sponsor of the Draper community.  

Pirate O's looks forward to providing Utah with a fun and unique shopping experience for the whole family.  As far as the parking lot is concerned... well, it just adds to the rustic historical shopping experience that is Pirate O's.  

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