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Pirate O's specializes in bringing you, well,  Everything. 

Pirate O's mission statement is to bring all of the world's best goodies right here to Draper, Utah.  We promise a wide variety of  anything and everything you are looking for.  We may not look like much on the outside... but hey, it's the inside that counts.  Inside Pirate O's you're going to find a lot more than any other grocer.  We Promise. 

​Here's just an idea of what you might find... 

Sauces & Oils & Balsamics! Oh my!  From bread dippers to appetizers, to the best of Balsamic vinegars.  We have them all.  We are especially famous for our Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. 

Cookies and Crackers! A massive selection of all of your foreign favorites.  In case you can't decide... you can't go wrong with Hobnobs.  


The Pasta Room!  Italian lovers unite... because we did it!  We dedicated a whole room, from floor to celling, just for pasta and pasta sauces.  You're welcome. 

Chocolate! The candy isles holds many glorious goodies, but we will only talk chocolate for now.   The candy isle holds promise to the best in chocolate from around the world.  All of your favorite brands from overseas like Milka, Maribou, Cadbury, Lindt, Rittersport, Dagoba, but wait! There's more... Amano, Scharfenberger, Bissinger, and Ghirardelli. 

Hot Sauce! We are known far and wide for our hot sauce selection.  With about 171 hot sauces to choose from, including hard-to-find brands like Peppadew, Ring of Fire, Blair's, The BOMB, Iguana... well, you get the idea.


Cheese! Our cheese room is filled will freshly wrapped cheese by our resident cheese expert.  She is the best of the best and will answer any of your cheesy questions.  In the cheese room there are over a 100 different cheeses to choose from.  

It's BYOB here... Build Your Own Basket!
It's easy!

Pick your basket, pick your products, pick your price.  

Then one of our beautiful basket artists will create a masterpiece you'll want to give over and over again.  

Don't have time to shop?  Well, swing by and pick up one of our grab-and-go gift baskets.  Beautiful and quick!  

Buying for the office?  Place your holiday order with us; we will deliver them for you.  Pirate O's making the holidays a little easier on you. 


Take a virtual tour of the store!

Welcome aboard! Take a virtual tour! 

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